Full and shining glory of awakened woman

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“As to who is more “awakened”, I can only speculate. I can say, however, that there is a very deep understanding that has awakened in me. A knowing that the destiny of us all lies in the full and shining glory of awakened woman. As men, we have a responsibility to assist in this process in whatever ways we can. To provide a safe place for her to find out for herself, All that she truly is. This is my responsibility as a father and a man. To my daughters, a deep commitment to the flourishing of their hearts and the expression of the brilliance of their souls, and to my sons, a model of this commitment to their sisters and their mothers. And as a man, to bring this consciousness of being, in the spirit of assistance and support, to every woman that may cross my path.” ~Jeremy Allen Duncan

Here’s to the full and shining glory of awakened woman. May there be many more Jeremys


Powerful Changes

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“So much is powerfully changing right now – also with me- and that is a good thing. We are all navigating into our starting position for the next phase. ….[it has been a time] of re evaluation and introspection. A lot of truth being revealed within ourselves, about others, the small and the big picture.So its good to be patient….”

written by Tanya von Zychlinsky after her article called Your Secret Garden http://www.alivewithwonder.com/your-secret-garden/  Worth a read