Awakened woman

Full and shining glory of awakened woman

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“As to who is more “awakened”, I can only speculate. I can say, however, that there is a very deep understanding that has awakened in me. A knowing that the destiny of us all lies in the full and shining glory of awakened woman. As men, we have a responsibility to assist in this process in whatever ways we can. To provide a safe place for her to find out for herself, All that she truly is. This is my responsibility as a father and a man. To my daughters, a deep commitment to the flourishing of their hearts and the expression of the brilliance of their souls, and to my sons, a model of this commitment to their sisters and their mothers. And as a man, to bring this consciousness of being, in the spirit of assistance and support, to every woman that may cross my path.” ~Jeremy Allen Duncan

Here’s to the full and shining glory of awakened woman. May there be many more Jeremys