Destination Retreat (Look out for 2016 Retreat info scheduled for September… Coming soon)

Sisterhood Circles Retreat at Uluru

Now in conjunction with Kata Tjuta Men’s Journey

Experience your Heart at the Heart of Australia

A conscious journey at Uluru is an experience of a lifetime.

Come join us for this extraordinary 5 day Retreat

7th – 12th April 2015  

Dynamic, astonishing, powerful, reverent is how I’d describe Uluru. It’s so easy to be centered, grounded and honest with yourself in the desert.” Gabriella

INFORMATION NIGHT to hear about it directly from the facilitators is on Monday 19th January in Carnegie. See fb event…details on Sisterhood Circles fb page.

You’ve probably seen pictures of Uluru, sacred to the Anangu people, but nothing prepares you for the physical impact of this powerful monolith and surrounding desert.
Retreat from daily life for 5 days into a gift of time, space and sisterhood in the desert. Come back to your life shining with clarity, grace, vitality and strength.

Join us to be a part of a dynamic group of women nestling deep into your Heart at the Heart of Australia.

We will –

  • Meet each morning where possible to do our yoga practice, meditate and set intentions for the day
  • Share our desert wisdom each evening after a communal cook up for dinner.
  • Experience sunrise at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)
  • Absorb the power of Uluru with an experienced ranger, and/or sit quietly at Woma waterhole.
  • Listen to Dreamtime stories by local indigenous at Cave Hill
  • Sit with the wisdom of Uluru in solitude.

Keep scrolling to find detailed descriptions of each day.


 Details you will want to know:

  Accommodation: New double story 2 b/d apartments at Emu Walk, Yalara, NT (approx 10 km from Uluru)
  Date: 7th -12th April 2015
  Duration: 5 nights

  Average temperature: 28 deg

Book your own flights. We will meet at Desert Gardens reception at 3pm on Tuesday 7th April

 Your trip: Starting at $1780.  Next level from Nov 1st is $ 1,870.   3rd level from Feb 6th $1950

– Includes meals, accommodation, and touring. Book soon to get your spot.

Your Schedule:

Tues 7th

Wed 8th

Thurs 9th

Fri 10th

Sat 11th

Sun 12th


Breakfast at SC Circle Hub apartment Circle – Find unanimous theme for today and set intentions

7.30 -Yoga

Find unanimous theme for today and set intentions

5.30 am – Quick breakfast at Hub

6am-Meet bus
at reception for trip to The Olga’s at sunrise

6.30 – Yoga

Find theme for today. Breakfast
8am – Meet bus at reception for Uluru trip.

10am – Departure from reception to meet own flights

7.30am- Meet bus at reception for a day at Cave Hill

8.30-Breakfast at White Gum ($37)
or at SC Circle Hub

Behold the magnificent sun rise behind the Rock b4 Valley of the Winds Walk

Unlimited time to walk, ponder, sit in silence and awe of this magnificent rock

3pm-Arrive at Desert Gardens reception

Free day

Personal Journey in the close desert, visit the rock

Lunch picnic

Picnic lunch at the rock.

Get settled in

4.30 Return to Apartments
Personal time

and/or Learn Dot painting/ speak to local indigenous people in the gardens.

1pm-Return to apartments
Personal time

Rest/ journaling/ introspection

6pm-Meet for dinner at Circle hub apartment

6pm-Dinner at Circle Hub Apartment

6pm-Dinner at SC Hub Apt.

‘Outback Sky journey’ Guided viewing of the stars

6pm-Dinner at Circle Hub Apartment

7pm – Dinner at SC Hub Apartment

8pm-Short Circle before an early night

8pm- Circle

8pm- Circle

8pm – Circle

Final Circle together


Sisterhood Circle Retreat at Uluru

Booking Form





Your work/job/project:

Emergency contact name:



Please note any dietary requirements:

Please note any medical conditions:

If you’re coming on retreat with a friend you’d like to share with (name):

What are you specific interests/passions?:

Have you been to Uluru before?

A deposit of  $445 is required to secure your booking.
Full payment due by 20th February 2015. Payment plan available.

Payment can be made by Direct deposit:

Gabriella Armondo

BSB: 633000

ACC: 152791638

Please copy and paste and return your completed booking form in person, by post or email to:
Sisterhood Circles P.O. Box 184 Albert Park 3206

Arrive at Yalara (Ayers Rock Resort)

After arriving at Ayers Rock Airport you will be transferred by coach to the resort where you will check into your accommodation at Emu Walk Desert Gardens reception. Feel free to settle in and enjoy the resort facilities. Alternatively take the opportunity to view Uluru from one of the viewing spots located around the resort.

 Early evening we will meet for pre dinner at, what we will call, the Circle Hub apartment. As we meet each other and enjoy nibbles and a glass of wine, if desired, the sun will be sinking over the western horizon and the evening sky bringing out the many shades of colour for which Uluru is famous. We will then eat dinner together and sit in Circle setting personal and group intentions before an early night in preparation for a full day in the desert.

Inclusions: Airport Transfer, Multi Day National Park Entry Pass


Day 1: Cave Hill

For thousands of years the Traditional owners of Cave Hill have nurtured a deep and spiritual bond with their land. Travelling 21⁄2 hours from Ayers Rock Resort in a custom built luxury 4WD, through the Central Australian desert and across the border into South Australia, this unique journey will introduce you to an ancient chapter of the Seven Sisters creation story. Upon arrival at the Cave Hill community your Aboriginal Guides will explain the significance of the surrounding landscape and how it relates to Tjukurpa their system of values, beliefs and lore.

The story of the Seven Sisters is translated from Yankunytjatjara to English and brought to life through the spectacular rock art that has been dated at over 20,000 years old. You will learn how the physical features of the region relate to different stages in the story. Your return journey follows narrow desert tracks, past native flora and fauna. The final stage of your journey winds its way past the magical sight of Uluru before arriving back at Ayers Rock Resort. A group cook up after a few hours rest will ease into our evening circle together.


Day : 2 Free day of your choice

After your big day at Cave Hill we will begin our day with a 7.30am yoga class, breakfast and morning circle together then be free to choose your daily activities either culturally around the resort, learning dot painting, meandering through the various galleries filled with local art or exploring the near desert. Lunch will be available at the Hub Apartment but you are free to stop wherever you are to eat.

It is suggested you take some time to be silent within this sacred area, allowing your truth to clearly come forth, do some journaling and/or your favorite artistic expression. After an evening cook up we will discover the outback sky with a guided journey of the stars. We will have a chance to see the constellations through a telescope and hear dreamtime stories that have guided our indigenous for thousands of years.

Day 3: Sunrise at Kata Tjuta


We will rise early on day 3 to a quick breakfast and a guided bus trip out to see spectacular colors of sunrise at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and the changing hues around Uluru from a private vantage point while our guide explains the geological history of the area. Revel in the early morning serenity of a truly spiritual place and hear how the 36 domes make up Kata Tjuta have evolved over millions of years. Following this will be a 2-3 hr Valley of the Winds walk. This walk will require a good level of fitness to the look out but is well worth it. A base walk through Walpa Gorge may be a lighter preference and also spectacular.

There will be plenty of time to rest for the afternoon before meeting over dinner and our circle to discuss your experiences of such ancient beauty and sharing any personal epiphanies or juicy moments.

Day 4: A journey at Uluru


A whole journey in itself. Prepare for a most sacred experience at this awe inspiring place. Walk with our guide to a place of tranquility. The closer you wander the more you surrender to the realisation of the sheer size and presence of this monolith.

If you choose to walk around the base, you will find the entrance of Mutitjulu Waterhole, a semi- permanent watercourse nestled in the contours of Uluru. Here you will learn the Creation stories of Liru (poisonous snake) and Kuniya (python) as well as a number of other stories associated with other prominent Tjukurpa (Dreaming) stories. You will see the rock art of the ancients and learn how Uluru was, and still is, a significant location for teaching young Aboriginal people.

Take your time here, there is so much to take in and tune into the powerful energies of Uluru.

After a picnic lunch and a bus ride back through the red desert to your apartment you can swim, relax and integrate your experience before our final dinner and circle together.

Check out is 10 am the next morning when you are free to enjoy any last moments at the resort before returning to the airport to catch your flight home to family and friends. The hardest part is trying to explain your experience. I suggest you take your time to integrate and observe how you now see reality.

Important to bring with you:

Wide brim hat and fly net (available at the resort – $15)


Insect repellant


Summer gear plus layers for cooler nights

Jacket for night touring


Personal needs

Meals  Along with fresh fruits and vegetables we will enjoy Superfoods including coconut water, raw cacao, coconut chips, coconut oil, nuts and dried fruits and other snacks.

Breakfasts will include Smoothies, cooked breakfast some mornings and cereal/muesli, yogurt and fruits.

Lunches will include salads of all kinds with nuts, bread and quinoa.

Dinners will include various soups, salads, vege curry, stir-fry and quinoa and raw desserts.

Gluten and dairy free options will be available. All vegetarian unless otherwise requested.



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