About Sisterhood Circles




Sisterhood Circles creates a safe and dynamic space for Women.        


In a circle you will be seen and  heard for all that you are… you will laugh, dance and share surrounded by love and support… you can share your wisdom and your concerns, supporting each other in taking your leadership, spirituality, creativity, health, relationships – and our world – to the next level.

If you’re anything like us you want an extraordinary life. You want to give your deepest soul gifts and make a meaningful contribution to your community. You want to feel deeply inspired and connected to spirit and raise the vibration within and around you.

Busy Lives

Our busy life often doesn’t leave time and space to nurture and replenish ourself and our feminine heart and soul; let alone give back to the many causes that pull us. And when our inner wellspring runs dry, we can easily feel defeated and lose faith in our deepest dreams.

We get it!

That’s why we are providing a regular  dynamic circle of women for you to be inspired, supported and  be playful in as you blaze your own sacred path toward vibrant health, unbridled creativity and thriving relationships by expanding your recognition of who you need to be and who you already are. And when you are aligned with your feminine essence and the things that truly matter, you’ll become more magnetic and attract even more of the  magic that makes life a delightful playground.

This is your chance to be part of a dynamic circle of women, moving, inspiring, expanding and rocking 2014.

Making a difference

If you want to thrive in your life AND make a bigger difference  on the planet, I invite you to join us  this year in gathering with extraordinary women to keep creating Sisterhood circles the way you want it. Through our continued connection with each other I envision the possibility of collaborating on projects that make a difference.

Project # 1 – Sponsoring Women in countries devastated by war through WfWI   http://www.womenforwomen.org/programs-supporting-women/programs-for-helping-women.php

Project # 2 – 25% of your donation goes to a woman in need for 6 months. We then switch to another. Local to us or you. Keep us posted if you hear of someone who qualifies. (Abused, homeless, fighting for her children, single parent and can’t work etc )

Each circle is unique.

We often start with dancing and  moving out the stresses of your week before sitting in meditation to get deep and connected, using various meditative techniques before sharing around the circle about what deeply moves you. Be prepared to state what you’re letting go of and share your intention for the following month on completion. A profound ritual that constantly amazes us all. We dance, we laugh and we get present. Are you ready for this?

The sharing has been honest, vulnerable and strong  and the take home’s  have been as individual as each woman is. It is a treat to watch how each woman has something to offer each of the others, be it a contact, a unique piece of wisdom, an experience or being moved and inspired. Everyone seems to relate to what everyone else is sharing. There’s the Oneness!


 Winter venues:

SoulPod Health and Healing in Richmond or Bhava Yoga Centre in Warrandyte

Summer venues:

 Near the river in Warrandyte under the trees, unless its too hot.

Every 2nd Sunday in the month 

Sisterhood CIrcle Warrandyte         First date for 2017 will be in March.

 The last three years of circles have been phenomenal in ever deepening experiences for all who have attended.  I am constantly touched and inspired by the connection and courage taken.

**Last date for the year will be Sunday 13th November.  12noon – 3.15pm**

This is an opportunity for your exquisite selves to dance your dreams into existence and celebrate the past year no matter what it looked like.

Shakaia at Botanical Gardens


The last few circles we have enjoyed expressing life and intentions through art. Creating Mandalas and painting rocks gathered from our Yarra river telling stories with colour and design. Apart from being creative this is also a fabulous opportunity to chat about deep issues that concern all women in various ways.

Please call Gabriella on 0402560515 if you have any questions or PM me on fb. If you’re not already a Sisterhood Circle friend on fb please request friendship and each month you will receive the latest info including event details.

“On observing the  Circles  I am deeply touched by the strength and vulnerability of women when they are together  in support of each other. The high is tangible as a result.”  Gabriella

Bring your business cards (not essential), your dancing gear and your open heart… also a cushion and vegetarian food to share if you’d like to stay to hang out with your new friends.

Suggested donation: $30 dependant on activities.

Our message at Sisterhood circles is one of being the GIFT that you are to each other which ripples out, ultimately, impacting the global community.


Circle of Women quote


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