What is an Empath?

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Do you consider yourself a Sensitive or Empath? I have been aware of the traits mentioned in the article below, in myself for most of my life. The good news is I learned lots of tools to help me maneuver through my  world. The bad news is, before I learned a bit about myself, I thought something was terribly wrong with me. I thought everybody was impatient and intolerant of me because there was something I didn’t know yet, and that I had to ‘toughen up’ to survive. Truth is I was feeling everyone else’s pain and impatience of themselves. That I, in fact, was feeling everything. I was easily persuaded because I was being unconsciously influenced by the desires and thoughts of others. Makes so much sense now.

I found this article by Christel Broederlow extremely enlightening and, at times, disturbing knowing what havoc has and is being done on our planet. Hope it sheds some light on your experience of life.

I’m not really an advocate of putting people into boxes of any kind but, as a sensitive or empath, it’s good to know that we’re not the only ones. That other’s share our experience. What if, on the other hand, all human beings have some of these capabilities in our purest spirit form? Just saying…Add consciousness to this list and most are easily lived with, or redirected, along with constant vigilance.  I’d be interested in what you find sisters.


Leading with Love




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