Keeping your vibration high for the good of All

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Starting the day. First thing everyday in your meditation/connecting with spirit/devotion to the Higher power think of something that you love and run that vibrant energy through every cell in your body. Instead of running on your personal energy, connect with the limitless Life Source energy that thrives throughout the Universe and let that be the well spring that sources your well being, your creative drive, and your passions for life. I’ll share my favorite… After sitting in stillness I say “Every cell in my body vibrates at the frequency of love.” I  can feel every cell zinging and singing ready for the day.

Staying connected.

People who are connected, with themselves, others and Life, have high vitality and live plugged in; like a computer plugged into the internet with a limitless energy source. Being connected lets your immune system thrive, gives you the energy you need to live your life  and offers limitless ideas and imagination to create your life from. Check in at every juncture throughout your day, hand on heart and with a few breaths reinvigorate your cells, expand your heart light to radiate it out to all in your extended field.

Never judge yourself. 

Judgement is the death knell to high vibration. It’ll drop you flat as a pancake in seconds and in the reflection you will judge others and feel judged by them. I’m guessing you won’t want to be in that cycle. So if judgment comes up, assume the perspective, or story you’re telling yourself, is in error… give yourself a heart hug and ask yourself  “What is my highest intention?” So what is your highest intention?

Know that you are an amazing being with an incredible contribution to make

Recognize and acknowledge your humaness but know you are also a limitless being of Love. Your emotional world takes you to places that help you realize who you really are; when you use tools that help you see the light through the fog. Thank your human ego self for her service to you. Both only want the best for you. You are not locked into anything. You have the choice to recreate the person you decided/believed you were long ago…and as a limitless being of Love you have everything you need to do it. You are a necessary contribution to humanity, a puzzle piece WE need.

Believe in the Magic of Life… the synergy, the synchronicities, the organic abundance inherent in all Life!

Knowing the truth of magic,  is an elixir that lets you wake up every day waiting to be surprised by the enchanted and benevolent universe with what’s on offer next for you. Keep your eyes open wide with full awareness to see the Magic. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

Be a part of making this world a greater and more wondrous place!

Get up to something big and have fun doing it. Let your life be caught up in the thrill of empowering others and the world to thrive and grow.  As soon as you’re up to something big, the universe will provide the energy, the genius, the brilliance, and all the resources to make it come alive! Hallelujah!!!  If you haven’t already tried this give it a go to find out 🙂

Thank you Soleira Green for providing the structure and undeniable truths that I have expanded on here. A perfect scenario of sisters contributing to each other.

Leading with love in Sisterhood




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